About Us

Yvonne Penton

CEO of House of Esther

How do I relate to the story of Esther...by heritage and nationality...like Queen Esther my position alone does not exempt me as an American of African descent from being effected by death and destruction from abortion. Through abortion African American babies are at an all time high of 49% of our ethnic group. As American of African descent will have a dawn of new hope and gladness and joy and honor. The enemy's plan of destruction will be over turned, with the obedience of just one who will honor the "King Jesus" I will do my part to help bring life decisions to the first-time parents in crisis especially those of African descent. God is in the business of saving families. I will not put myself in a compromising position by helping to destroy African American babies by choosing abortion. We can ignore the statistics that 48% of Michigan abortions are performed on young black women...or we can ignore that only 12.6% of U.S. population is made up of Americans of African descent, or we can ignore that an estimation of 360,000 abortions are performed on Black Americans every year; about 986 abortions per day. Perhaps you could choose to ignore that out every 1000 live births, Black women had 483 abortions, Hispanics and whites had 218 and 141 abortions out of every 1000 live births. Maybe we can simply ignore that Black Women had 10,891 (48%) of 22,699. abortions performed in Michigan. Now what will be my decision seeing how these statistics have placed me in a distressful position. It's time to cry out to God! With His and your help we can put us back on the right track to follow His leading and carry out the request ....in building the HOUSE OF ESTHER!


The House of Esther will address the immediate fear and desperation experienced by young, first-time expectant mothers. We are a non-profit organization in support of each mother who chooses to keep her baby.

The House of Esther is a Maternity Education and Care Center, also known as a Maternal EduCare Center. We are a home for first-time expectant mothers ages 18 – 25 years of age. The House of Esther is designed to meet multiple needs and concerns of 1st time pregnant mothers in crisis, resulting from their homelessness, lack of education and parenting skills.

The young, single, at-risk, unsupported pregnant mom will be educated on how to address the existing disparities that affect their pregnancy with low birth rates and abortion. We will utilize age appropriate and innovative program models to reduce low birth rates that effect young mothers. We will also address economic issues that affect young, single mothers in our community. We will demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative multi-component, community-wide initiatives in an effort to help reduce birth rates of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, low birth rates and abortions among young mothers.

We will begin with education and prevention by providing ultrasounds and free pregnancy tests. We will demonstrate how realistic and effective the use of utilizing the ultrasound machine is in helping our moms determine life or death risk factor to the mother as well as to the unborn child. our educational approach will provide clear vision, sound material, with resources that help our moms to make clear logical thinking and wise choices for their future.

The House of Esther will provide residential living for both mom and child up to 18 months, with extension granted upon review of achieved educational and life goals by the Program Director.

The location of our center is located in the city of Flint in the old St. Agnes convent. At this location we will be able to provide living dorm size room for 18 moms. The House of Esther will also have live-in staff…House Manager, and two live-in Interns.